The Fiftieth Post

It’s the end of 2014, ME and I have spent a year in Saudi Arabia!

Living in the Middle East has given us the opportunity to explore Saudi Arabia and many other countries in the region, places we would have never ever thought we would have traveled. We are immersed in the heart of Islam, in one of the largest dessert regions in the world, in a truly foreign culture, here extremes are normal. It is so different here than anywhere else we have ever experienced.

This year has given us the opportunity to meet fantastic people, from the folks living on the compound, to ME’s colleagues who come from all over the world, to people we just happen to talk to during our travels. Our biggest take away is, besides the huge differences in where we come from, the languages we speak, the many shades of our skins, our upbringing and education, we all are really very much the same!  We all seem to want the same things, to care for our families, to comfort our parents, to give our children the best opportunities and to live in a safe and peaceful world.

Last August, ME signed up for a second year, so we will be living here for another year, returning sometime in the 4th quarter of 2015. And I’ll continue doing a weekly post for the next year too. I am happy to say that this is my 50th post and have enjoyed sharing our travels and experiences with you. I hope you enjoyed reading about it. Please let me know your thoughts and please continue to add comments.

We wish all of our family and friends a wonderful, healthy, safe, and prosperous NEW YEAR

Bob and M.E.

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Bob & M.E.

Bob & M.E.

Meredith, M.E., Margot & Bob

Meredith, M.E., Margot & Bob

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