A happy ending to a short store

I am doing a follow up to a post I made in May called, a short story link

It is about a young Filipino man who worked in the convenience store on our compound, the Farm Shop. Arriving over two and a half years ago he worked 6-1/2 days a week, no breaks, no back up. Compared to many jobs in the Middle East this was a good job. A better job then what was available in his home country.  During his time working he became friends with everybody on the compound. He helped some folks living here in watering plants or caring for pets while away. But he missing his family, he missed his only daughter who he had never held. He wanted to return home.

He gave the Farm Shop his notice in April. With all migrant workers a contract is signed and within the Saudi system there are many layers of management who all have a say. Lloyds first manager said he would get the exit papers. A month goes by and no papers. He asked for help from Shadi, the compound manager and from one of the families who he’d been helping. After a series of meetings, emails, and phone calls, the Farm Shop manager said there was a discrepancy, a shortage of inventory, costing 2663 SAR = $710. Lloyd had the option of waiting for weeks or months to have the Farm Shop review every invoice or pay $710 and get your exit papers.  So a cash payment was made by generous people.

You hear stores while living here, about the work conditions, especially when working outside. If you do not have an advocate them many can’t escape. Lloyd did, below is a follow up letter to the folks on the compound letting us know the outcome.

Dear all,

Just to let you know that Lloyd finally made it back home!

Lloyd is the most happiest daddy in the world.

Thanks to everybody for their concern and compassion in the last couple of months.

It has been quite a job to get Lloyd away from the Farm Store but we made it!

Being home for father’s day and in time for Elysse’s second birthday, what else can you wish…………

Lloyd and

Lloyd and Elysse

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